Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Gloria” (broeder Dieleman Cover) Video

Record Store Day is now only one day away, and like many others before him, Bonnie “Prince” Billy aka Will Oldham has decided to release something special for the occasion. Oldham and the Dutch singer-songwriter broeder Dieleman each selected one of the other’s songs to cover and will release the tracks on a limited edition 7″. Today, they shared Oldham’s version of Dieleman’s “Gloria” to announce the split, and it’s a rambling warble done in his signature delicate folk. The song is titled “Drie Vragen” in Dielman’s original Zeelandic dialect, and was translated to English by Oldham and Mimi Visser. Joan Shelley provides near-perfect, silvery harmonies. The video, directed by Eduard Walhout, pans through various shots of deserted natural scenery. Suddenly, a mysterious stick-man appears. He seems to be sort of a puppet-talisman, and he’s really cute. The video was filmed during the solar eclipse that happened in March of this year. Watch it below.

(via The A.V. Club)

The split will be limited to 2,000 copies, and it’s out 4/18 on Snowstar Records.