O-Face – “Yolanda” (Stereogum Premiere)

O-Face’s debut album flew a bit under the radar, but it was one of last year’s most charming releases, a collection of shaggy and ambling pop tracks that hit a sweet spot. In a few months, the band will put out a follow-up EP, Mint, that was recorded during their last year together at Bard College. “Yolanda” is the lead single from that EP, and it shows them expanding their sound and ambitions even further. O-Face’s tracks fit together like puzzle pieces or cogs in a well-oiled machine — “Yolanda” is lushly layered and sprightly, fleshed out with some delightful vocal and guitar harmonies. It’s singular in focus, dead-set on reassuring the titular character that “you’re the one for me.” Listen below.

01 “740 Turbo”
02 “When You Assume…”
03 “Yolanda”
04 “O-FACE Is Breakin’ Up”
05 “Torres”

Mint is out 6/2 via Father/Daughter Records/Miscreant Records. You can preorder it here or here.

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