Sheer Mag – “Fan The Flames” Video

Watching Sheer Mag play a bridge show in Austin was one of the best experiences that I had at this year’s SXSW. I’d seen the Philly-based band play more conventional venues, including New York’s Bowery Ballroom, but somehow the slipshod presentation of this particular set seemed most appropriate. With no bar or noisy side conversations to distract, the band sucked all of the attention out of the surrounding atmosphere. It was late, after all, and if you weren’t hanging out to watch them, then why were you out on a pedestrian bridge at 3AM on the last night of South By in the first place? Today, Sheer Mag released a video to accompany their new single “Fan The Flames,” which will be included on their forthcoming EP along with the song “Button Up.” Director James Rodenhouse’s clip perfectly encapsulates the band’s live presence — Christina Halladay sings with the kind of forceful tenacity that’s not to be fucked with, but she takes time to smile back at the enthused audience along the way. Watch below.

The second Sheer Mag EP will be out sometime this year via Katorga Works.