Camera Shy – “Your Only One” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Camera Shy – “Your Only One” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Camera Shy is the indie-pop project of Whirr frontman/Nothing bassist Nick Bassett and former Whirr singer Alexandra Morte. Together, they take the swooning shoegaze melodies of Whirr and strip away the moody guitar noise, fashioning it into something softer and gentler and utterly guileless. They’ve got one official release to their name so far, last year’s Jack-O-Lantern EP, and now they’re announcing a new self-titled full-length to be released this summer. That seasonal timing is no accident: Jangly first single “Your Only One” is warm sunny-day music of the highest caliber, a tender sigh that feels like the sonic equivalent of lying in freshly cut grass and staring up at an impossibly blue sky. But when she sings “I could be the one to be your only one,” Morte’s innocently honeyed voice captures both the sweetness and the uncertain longing of romance, and the song could just as easily soundtrack a daydream in the waning golden light of autumn. The video is fairly simple, but it works surprisingly well, matching the song’s upbeat but nostalgic mood with washed out old footage of Disney theme parks. Watch it and check out the album’s full tracklisting below.

Camera Shy tracklist:
01 “Remember”
02 “Your Only One”
03 “Color Radiate”
04 “Glowing”
05 “New Something”
06 “Underwater Days”
07 “Take Your Time”
08 “Seemingly Ill”

And here’s the album cover:

Camera Shy will be out 7/14 via Run For Cover.

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