Korallreven – “Limitless” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Korallreven’s smooth synths are perfect for punctuating the night sky — it’s the kind of music that feels good when you’re in the dark, wondering at all the potential. Their new video for “Limitless” captures that feeling well, following around three pod people dressed in all white. One of them picks up a ride with a member of the Swedish duo, and is dropped off by two friends, who take a bunch of pills that look like candy and proceed to have what looks like a fun night out. It’s all cigarettes and smiles and neon retro-futurism, which culminates with a dance-off in an arcade at the end of the night. “Ever since we started making music it has always been about trying to reach the highest of feelings — and to also not be afraid of the lowest lows, when the inevitable come down happens,” the duo explains.”The video embraces this. A trip from reality to fantasy and reality to fantasy, you just never know what’s what. Just like when you are having the best weekend ever.” Watch below.

Korallreven’s latest album Second Comin’ is out now via Cascine.