Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen & Lindstrøm – “Put Your Arms Around Me”

Lately, an unlikely trio of studio wizards — ’70s rock mastermind Todd Rundgren, space-disco warlock Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Serena-Maneesh guitar-mangler Emil Nikolaisen — has been working on a collaborative album called Runddans. The album comes out next month, and it plays out as an uninterrupted single song, though it’s separated up into different tracks. The group has just shared the first of those tracks, and it really underscores what a weird project this is. “Put Your Arms Around Me,” with its burbling keyboards and its haywire guitars and its rich vocal tones, sounds something like three different songs playing at once. All those songs sound clean as all hell, though. Let the track take your mind on a trip below.

(via Pitchfork)

Runddans is out 5/5 on Smalltown Supersound.