Holychild – “Money All Around”

Holychild – “Money All Around”

Here’s why it’s a good idea for like-minded musicians to collaborate: I had never heard Holychild until they hopped on Keljet’s astrology-flirt “What’s Your Sign,” and I quickly became enamored. The L.A.-based duo had the smirking audacity to name their next album The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come — a deft Refused/Ornette Coleman reference and the kind of clever self-fulfilling prophecy that only works if you’ve got the chops to pull of your claim. Luckily, Holychild do, and latest release “Money All Around” is a self-satisfied, shimmering gloat that dances to the beat of our overbearing capitalistic framework. Singer Liz Nistico and Louie Diller toe the line between ironic wealth-worship and pistol-to-the-head pop-star resignation. It pulses and thrums with the crisp fatness of a wad of Benjamins — what’s brattier than getting paid? Listen below.

(via Nylon)

Here’s the full tracklist:
01 “Barbie Nation”
02 “Nasty Girls”
03 “Happy With Me”
04 “Tell Me How It Is”
05 “Running Behind”
06 “Money All Around”
07 “Monumental Glow”
08 “Plastered Smile”
09 “Best Friends”
10 “Diamonds on the Rebound”
11 “Regret You”
12 “U Make Me Sick”

The Shape Of Brat Pop To Come is out this 6/2 via Glassnote. Pre-order it here.

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