De La Soul – “God It” (Feat. Nas)

The great golden-era rap trio De La Soul has turned to Kickstarter to fund their next album, and they’ve lined up a roster of guests that includes Damon Albarn, David Byrne, and 2 Chainz. And though it’s not part of the forthcoming album, they’ve also linked with fellow boom-bap hall-of-famer Nas for a new track called “God It.” The graceful, effortless, inward-looking track is sort of a good-faith teaser; the group calls it “an indication of good music to come.” Nas doesn’t deliver a verse, but he’s on the hook. G_Force produced it. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

De La Soul are still recording in Atlanta, but they’ve more than quadrupled their Kickstarter goal, with 10 days left to go. It seems safe to say that this new album will happen.

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