Overdoz. – “Fuck Yo’ DJ” (Feat. A$AP Ferg) Video

The last time OverDoz. put out a mixtape was back in 2013, and even then the L.A.-based rap collective said those songs were several years old. So hearing something new from the four members — Kent, Cream, P, Joon — is heartening. What’s even better? The crew are releasing a proper album, 2008, via RCA some time this year. These guys bubble with the same effervescence that made Odd Future so appealing at first, but they have none of the meanness, none of the dead-eyed despair. Even the refrain — “fuck your DJ” — isn’t vicious so much as a boast that their music is better than whatever radio trash your DJ is playing. It’s about arrogance, not animosity. A$AP Ferg drops by for a droopy, sing-song verse flipped fast and stuttery at the end. He’ll help with name recognition, sure, but it’s the OverDoz. rappers that really shine on the song. They’re not shying away from more serious issues either, as you can see in the sardonic “Rich White Friends” that was released back in January. Check out that video along with the Calmtic-directed clip below.

2008 will be out this year on RCA.