Watch A Fake Infomercial For DVS’ DVTV Mixtape

New York weirdo-rap genius and Greedhead affiliate DVS is a Mixtape Of The Week alumnus, but he’s taken his sweet time releasing the follow-up to last summer’s Mutant League. He’s finally getting ready to share his solo mixtape DVTV, though, after months of toying with us. Today he’s decided to mess with us further by releasing a trailer for the thing. Normally, I hate when musicians drop trailers for their projects, but since DVS has been hand-selected by God as one of the top ten funniest Twitter personas in existence, I don’t mind a whole video of him being funny.

Here, he’s being funny alongside fellow hilarious tweeter Shelby Fero — turns out she’s also a green-haired babe-and-a-half. Watch them discuss DVS’ fictional (actually, who knows??) book Ill Shit They Don’t Want You To Know About in the Kate Bryson-directed clip. They’re both experts at the art of the absurd dead-pan, and the fact that this book contains not only words but also information inside the words has me itching for a copy. Maybe if he hasn’t written it yet, we can convince DVS to write it after DVTV comes out. While you’re waiting for the tape you can listen to the first two tracks, “You Goddamn Right” and “Very Special Episode.” There’s even a snippet of new music toward the end of the clip, so watch it below.

DVTV is out 4/29 through whatever means necessary.