Concrete – “Strike The Rat Down” Video

The Austin hardcore band Concrete, which features members of Glue and Breakout, combines a couple of older crush-your-face forms of punk rock, old-school N.Y.H.C. and even older-school British streetpunk. That combination seems to be what’s cool in hardcore right now (see also: Violent Reaction). When it’s done right, it makes for a brutal, fun sound, and Concrete’s new video for their song “Strike The Rat Down” matches both that brutality and that sense of fun. Director Saman Ghanbar’s clip mixes footage of the band playing a sweaty basement show with images of skinheads trashing a house and beating someone up for no reason. Check it out below.

(via Noisey)

Concrete’s debut album is out later this year, and “Strike The Rat Down” also appears on a new compilation called Oi Ain’t Dead Vol. 4: This is Brickwall Oi!, coming soon from Rebellion Records.