Temple – “Like Nothing In This Life” (Stereogum Premiere)

Temple – “Like Nothing In This Life” (Stereogum Premiere)

The sounds of emo and post-hardcore haven’t really changed that much in the last twenty years. That may read like a put-down, but it’s not — it’s given a lot of young artists who grew up on this kind of music the chance to dig into the formula and boil it down to its most essential, visceral components. Temple come from Milwaukee, but they just as easily could have been bred on the East Coast a decade or two ago. “Like Nothing In This Life” is the kind of sprawling, tangled, sometimes messy thing that makes the genre so exciting. It starts off as one thing and quickly becomes another entirely — Jamie Yanada’s vocals start off corrosive, but he quickly betrays a softer side as the track descends to a beleaguered middle part that carries the weight of the world before coming out on the other side with terse screams. “Ten thousand frames per second flowing through the screen/ Giving definition to something very out of reach,” he sings during one of the sweeter moments, sharply defining the murky edges of life. Listen below.

Temple’s “Kill / Let Die” 7-inch is out 5/12 as a joint release via Texas Is Funny/Guard/Waybridge/Suspended Soul/Darkness Forming. You can preorder it here.

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