God Damn – “Vultures” (Stereogum Premiere)

God Damn – “Vultures” (Stereogum Premiere)

God Damn are Thom Edward and Ash Weaver, two blasphemous Brits whose brain-bashing brand of sludge-rock barrels into focus on “Vultures,” the menacing title track from the band’s upcoming debut. As an introduction to this UK-based power duo, “Vultures” works overtime, chopping itself open in medias res as Edward’s guitar work hops from assaulting to loose and jangly. Weaver punishes his drum kit up front but knows when to reel back and just carry the groove. There’s a lot happening here dynamically, and you wouldn’t be wrong to spot blips of ’80s metal, ’90s grunge, and even psychedelia. Overall, “Vultures” makes for a hell of an intro to God Damn, and if this is what they can do in six minutes, what riches await when they have an entire LP to fill? Listen below.

Here’s what the band looks like:

Vultures is out 5/19 in the US via One Little Indian. Pre-order it here.

[Photo by Steve Gullick.]

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