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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

One of the videos getting a lot of notice this week is Calexico’s clip for “Falling From The Sky,” starring José González and an absolutely disgusting worm creature. I can recognize that it’s a very good video, but it’s not on this list, because I hate that fucking worm creature. It just skeeves me out. I usually have a pretty high tolerance for this sort of thing, but the face on that fucker? Just ew. The videos on the list below feature some gross things, like dogs fucking and Fall Out Boy, but they don’t feature that. This week’s picks are below.

5. J. Cole – “Wet Dreamz” (Dir. Ryan Staake)

Look, this whole thing is a fundamentally ridiculous exercise. But they committed to it. They went in so hard on it that they got the dog to wink. That’s got to be worth something.

4. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Emperor’s New Chair” (Dir. Justin Barnes)

Attention to any indie bands who are considering turning their videos into comedy sketches: You have to be at least this funny if you are going to go this route. This is your baseline. If you can’t pull this off, just film yourselves racing go-karts or something.

3. Fall Out Boy – “Uma Thurman” (Dir. Mel Soria)

Being Fall Out Boy’s assistant looks like a lot of fun, at least up until the point where you have to go to a Fall Out Boy show.

2. Concrete – “Strike The Rat Down” (Dir. Saman Ghanbar)

Sometimes, you just need to watch a video that will make you want to punch things.

1. Killer Mike – “Ric Flair” (Dir. Travis Nelson)

Any video that features both Killer Mike yelling and Ric Flair yelling is the best video. It’s just simple math.