Little Children – “Song #4″ (Stereogum Premiere)

Don’t let the name fool you; there’s nothing small about Linus Lutti’s dark shimmering songs. Little Children are a full-fledged indie rock outfit out of Sweden, a collaboration between Lutti, Andreas Söderström, and Mathias Bergkvist born out the ashes of the singer’s former band Idiot Kid (clearly, an obsession with the innocence of childhood courses in this band’s lifeblood). Lutti delivers lyrics on “Song #4″ like he can barely get the words out, a brittle, breathy style that’s dripping with regret. This song floats on wordless, close harmonies that are incandescent. They melt and reform like wax running down the side of a candle, casting dim memories like shadows. I get the sense this track essentially has no title because the subject matter it broaches is far too painful to name. “In the moment I die, you are all I see,” Lutti sings. Remember, regret lasts longer than most love stories. Listen below.

Traveling Through Darkness EP is out 6/2 via Cosmos Records.