Elbow – “What Time Do You Call This?”

The perpetually sad British band Elbow came back last year with their The Take Off And Landing Of Everything album, and now they’ve got a new single on the soundtrack of Man Up, a British relationship comedy with Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. “What Time Do You Call This?” is a groggy, sweeping thing, exactly the sort of drizzly and string-laden number you might expect from an Elbow soundtrack song. The movie looks pretty good, though! Lake Bell’s British accent, at the very least, impresses. Below, check out the Elbow song and the Man Up trailer.

The Man Up soundtrack is out 5/25 on Fiction, and it puts “What Do You Call This?” alongside previously released songs from groups like the National, Jungle, and Duran Duran. The movie is in theaters in the UK right now.

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