Jamie xx – “Gosh” Video

Jamie xx – “Gosh” Video

Last month, when the xx’s production mastermind Jamie xx announced his debut solo album In Colour, he shared a couple of new tracks: “Loud Places,” a lovely collaboration with his xx bandmate Romy Madley Croft, and the impressionistic dancefloor banger “Gosh.” “Loud Places” already got a video, and now “Gosh” has one, too. For the clip, director Erik Wernquist used real hi-res deep-space photos from sources like NASA and used them to tell a story about space exploration, imagining how it might look if people came to another planet. The video takes its time, but once it gets going, it’s full of stunningly beautiful images. Check it out below.

In Colour is out 6/2 on Young Turks.

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