Battle Ave – “Solar Queen”

“I’m just a boy who needs attention,” Jesse Alexander warbles on “Solar Queen” before the song descends into an ominous groove that peacocks around for the next minute and a half, garnering him just that. Wispy brass appears out of nowhere, the drums move aggressively to the forefront, guitars that only simmered before waltz into the spotlight. It’s a beautiful grower of a coda to a quietly aching track, one of the most spectacular outros I’ve heard in 2015. Battle Ave hail from upstate New York, which means they’re familiar with punishing winters, remote wilderness, and the allure of an expansive, all-night city winking and glowing just hours away. Alexander draws on both the loneliness of a small town and the overwhelming rush of Manhattan on the latest Year Of Nod single, growing the phrase “I see a light” into a towering skyscraper, then bending it back to the size of a night light. Alexander’s voice wavers with papery conviction, buckling under the burden of emotion he shoves into the song. But he never breaks, and the ending suggests that all that pressure has created a diamond in the rough. Listen below.

Year Of Nod will be out 5/5 via Seagreen Records.

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