Mates Of State – “Staring Contest”

Mates Of State – “Staring Contest”

Any song that evokes playground imagery is fated to make you feel nostalgic, regardless of whether or not those images parallel your personal experiences in any way whatsoever. “Staring Contest” is about young love, the kind that surfaces in an instant and is probably extinguished three weeks later once it’s no longer worthy gossip material and everyone involved is over it. Kori Gardner initiates the story (“Heart stops, take me to the blacktop”) before the narrative ladles in a few images of reckless abandonment (“Climb higher on the chain-link fence”). “Staring Contest” is the debut single off of Mates Of State’s forthcoming full-length You’re Going To Make It, their first since 2011’s Mountaintops. Listen below.

You’re Going To Make It is out 6/16 in North America via Barsuk Records an 6/15 in the U.K. and Europe via Fierce Panda.

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