Watch Jack White’s Acoustic Fargo Show, Last Concert For The Foreseeable Future

Jack White wrapped up his mini-tour of acoustic shows a few nights ago, and the last one in Fargo, North Dakota was streamed exclusively via Tidal. But, as these things go, an industrious fan has put it on Youtube for the plebes to partake in as well. White said in a statement before the shows that he would be “taking a break from performing live for a long period of time” after they were done, so it could be a while until you can see him perform again. Watch the whole show below.

“Just One Drink”
“Temporary Ground”
“Hotel Yorba” (The White Stripes)
“Alone In My Home”
“Do” (The White Stripes)
“Love Interruption”
“Inaccessible Mystery”
“We’re Going To Be Friends” (The White Stripes)
“A Martyr For My Love For You” (The White Stripes)
“Carolina Drama” (The Raconteurs)
“The Same Boy You’ve Always Known” (The White Stripes)
“You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket” (The White Stripes)
“Goodnight, Irene” (Lead Belly cover)

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