Artshows Of The Polished And Structurally Weak

Like art? Hate U2? Dig:

Negativland 'Little Mermaid' remix

Gigantic Art Space is putting on a show featuring all the awesome nonsense Negativland has produced over the last ten years or so. On display:

“…a reconfigured Lincoln from the Hall of Presidents, and a video remix of the Little Mermaid, merged with the angry telephone recording of a Disney studio executive … ideas of approaching stores such as Petco as an art supplies depot…”

And so on. If you like this Negativland remix of “My Favorite Things,” you’ll love this show:

Negativland – “Favorite Things” (MP3)

The show runs from September 9th through October 22nd, and the opening (free booze?) is tomorrow, from 6-9pm at 59 Franklin Street in Manhattan.

(As long a everyone’s talking about the new iPod, the U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition iPod will be on display.)

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