Nozinja – “Nwa Baloyi”

Nozinja is the forefather of South Africa’s Shangaan Electro scene, a miniature genre and movement that he practically willed into being. In 2010, when he released New Wave Dance Music From South Africa as a sort of introduction, Nozinja insisted his music not be labeled “hip-hop” or “Afro-pop” — these are Shangaan sounds. To hammer this point home, listen to “Xihukwani” which came out just a few weeks ago, or “Tsekeleke,” his first official single on Warp that came out a year ago almost to the day. Spend some time unraveling the hyper-speed quickness and squiggly, effervescence of these songs, and you will find music that bends synthesizers and beats alike to its singular will. Nozinja’s newest song, “Nwa Baloyi,” lays claim to your body, demanding movement, dance, as reply to a conversation you didn’t know you were having. This song shudders love, manifesting desire in thick, enveloping MIDI and dizzying beats. Listen below.

Nozinja Lodge is out 6/1 via Warp Records. Pre-order it at Bleep or iTunes.

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