Beach Baby – “No Mind No Money” (Stereogum Premiere)

Beach Baby – “No Mind No Money” (Stereogum Premiere)

College is one of those rarefied experiences that people use to signify a certain point in their lives, a certain frame of mind. Whether it’s binge drinking, promiscuity and poor partner choices, or an impoverished ramen-for-breakfast lifestyle, college serves as the one word, all-encompassing excuse for all sorts of ludicrous behavior. On “No Mind No Money,” London four-piece Beach Baby managed to sum up that tangled mess of total freedom and confusion, infusing it with shoegaze reverie and post-punk stridency. The band is relatively new, with approximately two other songs floating around in the universe at the moment; “Ladybird” is a much dreamier, spiraling number and “Bruise” leans toward languid. On this new track though, the dour-rock malaise of Franz Ferdinand’s feigned apathy clicks along in the verses, ’til that sweet, juvenile chorus hits: “Honey in my mouth/ So sweet.” The words sound like nonsense — like most of what we do in college does to everyone else — but that aching, inexplicable magic of youth’s innocence is all here. Even if all the pressure of the future is lurking around the corner, this moment still remains. Listen below.

“No Mind No Money” is out 6/22 in the UK via Chess Club Records and 6/23 stateside via B3SCI Records. Pre-order it here.

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