Jimmy Kimmel’s Bringing Back Mash Up Monday With Imagine REO Speedragons

Throughout February, Jimmy Kimmel Live! arranged a weekly spectacle called Mash Up Mondays in which two famous musical acts whose names could be combined into vaguely humorous puns joined forces for the night. The results included Wee-Z Top, Morris Day & The Haim, Aloe Blaccstreet, and Kenny and Warren G. Now that another TV sweeps month is upon us, Kimmel is bringing back the gimmick for one night only. This Monday 5/4, Imagine Dragons and REO Speedwagon (pictured) will perform under the moniker Imagine REO Speedragons. (OK, that one’s just absurd enough to be legitimately funny.) They even have a logo:

The show airs this Monday 5/4 at 11:30PM.