Lana Del Rey’s Already Shot A Video For New Album Honeymoon

Lana Del Rey fans have unearthed photos of the singer supposedly on set filming a music video for her upcoming album Honeymoon. The images are described as “Lana Del Rey on set of a new music video for her upcoming album Honeymoon,” take in San Pedro on 4/25. They’re not much to go on — pretty much just a few pics of Lana in a Yankees cap hanging out with some models — but hey, Lana Del Rey music videos have a history of being awesome, and any news of new material is good news, right? You can see the photos in the gallery above. Lana has said that she has 10 songs ready for her third LP already, and she’s been putting in studio time with pop wizard Mark Ronson. Honeymoon is expected to be released before the end of the year and is rumored to include “Music To Watch Boys To,” “Life Is Beautiful,” and a cover of Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

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