Sun Kil Moon’s Universal Themes Will Stream 6/1 With An Interview By El-P

At last year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, Run The Jewels found themselves playing at the same time as Sun Kil Moon. And to get ahead of anything like the War On Drugs beef, the duo led the crowd in a chant of “Suck my dick, Sun Kil Moon.” Even as they were issuing fellatio invitations, though, El-P made a point to mention how much he likes Mark Kozelek’s music. The two exchanged emails afterwards, and they’re now friendly enough that El-P is helping with the rollout of Sun Kil Moon’s new album Universal Themes, the follow-up to last year’s truly excellent Benji. Universal Themes, which is out 6/2, is only going to stream online for a week, and that week will start the day before the album is out. And on 6/1, you won’t just get to hear the album. You’ll also get to read El-P’s interview with Kozelek. (Kozelek just made the announcement on his site.) Those two should have a lot to talk about.

If you haven’t already, check out the Universal Themes tracks “The Possum” and “Ali/Spinks 2.”