Watch Justin Timberlake Play A Lime In An Ad For His Tequila

Former NSYNC teen dream Justin Timberlake is a father and a husband now. He’s left behind boy band life and moved on to smooth, experimental pop-jazz of The 20/20 Experience, and to go along with his new, adult self, he’s taken on a role as a bathrobe-clad lime in a new commercial. If that sounds confusing to you, that’s because it is! Somehow, Justin’s features have been transmogrified onto a lime-like head. It’s only when I learned that he is the co-owner of the tequila being advertised, Sauza 901, that any of this even remotely clicked. Apparently, he’d previously launched a small alcohol company called 901 — in honor of his Memphis hometown area code — and recently sold it to tequila conglomerate Sauza. In the clip, the tequila is so refreshing and smooth that limes themselves become washed up — hence the deadbeat character Timberlake portrays. Watch a longer, three-minute version below and look for the 30 second version to hit your TV starting tomorrow, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

(via Mashable)