Stream Downtown Boys Full Communism

Stream Downtown Boys Full Communism

This week, the Providence punks Downtown Boys release Full Communism, their first full-length, and it’s a total monster. Downtown Boys are a bilingual six-piece who make an urgent, furious, blistering, trebly noise, the sort of thing you absolutely can’t ignore when it’s on. Their music is personal and political in ways that get tangled up with each other, and it’s real enough that I’m not even mad that they spend an entire song calling out tall boys. (As a tall man, short boys are, in my experience, way the fuck worse.) Full Communism is 12 songs and 23 minutes long, and it rules so fucking much. We’ve already posted a couple of those songs — “Monstro,” “Future Police,” “Wave Of History” — but you should hear the whole thing. I didn’t make it Album Of The Week this week, and I’m starting to feel bad about that even though I’ve already written up the album I picked. In any case, you should absolutely not ignore Full Communism, and you can stream it via Spotify below.

Full Communism is out now on Don Giovanni.

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