Tegan And Sara, Fucked Up, Metric, Metz Appear In Toronto Indie Rock Video Game

Loud On Planet X is a new music-themed video game from Pop Sandbox, an indie gaming studio based in Toronto. The synopsis is essentially this: Players are transported to a distant planet, where they play music to counteract alien attacks. It’s kind of like Rock Band-meets-Guitar Hero in space. The game developers have been working alongside well-known Canadian acts as musical contributors, including Tegan And Sara, Metric, Metz, Austra, and Fucked Up. The bands’ likenesses are depicted in the battle sequences. Pop Sandbox launched a Kickstarter today with the goal of including 12 bands and 24 songs in the game’s first edition. Loud On Planet X is on its way to being released online this fall. Read more about the game on Polygon.