The Killers Will Record A New Album Because The Last One “Wasn’t Good Enough” And “We All Know It”

The Killers’ last album, 2012’s Battle Born, wasn’t a disaster. It had a few good moments, and “Runaways” remains my jam. But it was the sort of album that a band makes when it’s getting tired, when it loses interest in its signature sound but can’t figure out where to go from there. Since the album came out, the Killers have been fairly inactive. They’ve released a greatest-hits album and a few Christmas singles, and now frontman Brandon Flowers has a really good solo album called The Desired Effect on deck. If the Killers were to go quietly into that good night, I don’t think anyone would be all that surprised. But Brandon Flowers says the Killers aren’t going out like that. To hear him tell it, the Killers need to make another album, if only because Battle Born “wasn’t good enough” and “we all know it.”

Flowers made that confession in an NME interview, and he also says that the band has no immediate plans to get to work on the next LP: “Once [the band] all get on the same page, it’ll work. I need to persuade them to like the same things as I do.” (NME claims that last line was a joke, but I’d sort of like to think it’s not.)

NME also asked about an older comment Flowers made, when he called his bandmates “lazy.” Here’s his response: “Did I say lazy? I tell you, recently Dave [Keuning] has really shown a new interest in being the guitar player for The Killers. I don’t know if he saw it. I hope I didn’t upset him.”

Meanwhile, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. doesn’t seem all that scared at the prospect of the band ending: “I don’t fear the end of The Killers. If it’s over, it’s over. We scratch those itches [with side-projects]. I get a good feeling knowing Brandon is out there doing that too. I hope the other two do it. It gets weird sometimes when we starting talking about our shit with the other two.”