Check Out Grimes’ Met Gala Photo Diary For Vogue

The only Met Gala attendee whose outfit really deserves a photo diary is Rihanna. Not only did she don an enormous yellow peacock train that required attendants to carry, she’s also one of the few big-name artists who dared to wear an outfit created by an actual Chinese designer. To clarify: The theme of this year’s Gala was China: Through the Looking Glass. To contradict all of the stereotypes on display (like say, Justin Bieber’s dragon jacket, or Sarah Jessica Parker’s enormous headdress), Grimes arrived at the Met in a teal leopard-print Louis Vuitton mini-dress, her hair styled in a bouffant. One could argue that it’s an outfit better-suited for 2013’s punk-themed gala, but that was an intentional choice. Grimes told Vogue that her goal was to subvert expectations:

I love everyone who’s ever ‘gotten in trouble’ for being outrageous on the red carpet, like Björk in the swan dress. I think that if you can upset people simply by being original you are definitely succeeding at being an artist.

Check out the rest of the article here and look at a few of the photos below.

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