These Are The Reportedly The Most Popular Drugs At Each Music Festival

People do drugs at music festivals — no big surprise there. But just which drugs, and at what festivals? A new study from (via Billboard) set out to answer those questions. By analyzing Instagram posts made from 15 major music festivals around the world, and then narrowing those down that mentioned or alluded to a substance, the organization was able to come up with a rough estimation of which drugs were most prevalent at what festivals.

Of course, there’s no way to differentiate between people that may be quoting song lyrics that feature popular substances, or anyone using Instagram ironically, and it certainly doesn’t take into account the large amount of people that are smart enough to not post about their drug use on Instagram, but the results are interesting nonetheless. As expected, the Coachella boho-chic trust fund set attracted a lot of cokeheads, molly was prevalent at EDM breeding grounds like Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra, and Marley Fest had the most weed mentions. Check out the full results of the study below.

Festival Drug Usage