Sadie Dupuis Annotates A Bunch Of Speedy Ortiz Songs On Genius

Sadie Dupuis is the latest famous musician to annotate her songs on Genius, joining the likes of Rick Rubin, The-Dream, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, and Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath. The Speedy Ortiz leader shared insights about numerous songs, including “Shine Theory,” which contains imagery from the horror manga Uzumaki. Additionally, the “Hitch” lyric “In this blood a sickness you could learn to love/ And I’ll learn, too” refers to a potentially deadly blood clotting disorder Dupuis suffers from:

I have 2 copies of the Factor V Leiden gene—which means I have a pretty rare and dangerous blood clotting disorder. I wrote this song a little after getting that diagnosis.

She explained that her use of “ratchet” in “Mr. Difficult” stems from her teaching stint at UMass:

I was stoked that I got the word “ratchet” in a song. When I was teaching at UMass my students LOVED ratchet. They’d wanna use it in their essays. So I thought I’d put it in a song. Sort of a shout out to them. And to Nicki Minaj.

The song “Ginger” is not about redheads:

I drink ginger ale! I got out and I get a ginger ale. Someone asked if it was about loving gingers, like redheads, and I was like…no! Ginger ales! Ginger beers! That’s about it on that one.

Dupuis also had revealing and disturbing things to say about a line in “Dvrk Wvrld,” “Like a doctor you’re numb to even when he’s upon you”:

A friend of mine’s mom had this experience where she went to a dentist who would put the tools on her chest, and she didn’t know it was improper. She later recalled that she couldn’t believe it happened and that she hadn’t said anything about it. It’s about not realizing that something is abnormal and wrong when it’s happening to you.

And she left a note about Aaliyah’s “More Than A Woman” for good measure:

One of my favorite songs ever. I love the way that the vocals sound on it. This song was one of the reference points on our new album in terms of the mixing. Especially that reverse reverb thing where they kind of swoop in. Nico, who recorded the album, calls this “High Priestess vocals.”

There’s a lot more where this came from. Her other annotations reference Earl Sweatshirt, Angel Olsen, Tom Wolfe, The Blair Witch Project, The Breakfast Club, and Melanie’s “Brand New Key.” Check out all of it over at Genius.