The Strokes Perform “All The Time” For The First Time At Shaky Knees

UPDATE: There are actually conflicting reports as to whether Mac DeMarco performed with the Strokes. and various social mentions claim DeMarco played with the band. But other reports dispute this, and DeMarco’s not visible onstage in the “Last Night” wide angle Instagram clip below even though Julian Casablancas seems to introduce him here:

The Strokes singer also appeared to be speaking to DeMarco before the previous song, “Under Control.”

Maybe DeMarco was just watching side-stage and Casablancas was encouraging him to join in? We’re investigating.

UPDATE 2: DeMarco didn’t play guitar. He just gave hugs.

Original post below.


The Strokes played their first show since August yesterday on the first night of Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Festival, and they had a few surprises up their sleeves. Mac DeMarco — who had a set at the fest earlier in the day — joined the band on their Is This It hit “Last Nite.” They also played their Room On Fire track “You Talk Way Too Much” for the first time since 2004, and did Comedown Machine’s “All The Time” live for the first time ever. Full video of the performances hasn’t surfaced yet, but you can watch a few quick videos from their set below.

Ahh Sh*t. #thestrokes

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“Welcome To Japan”
“Barely Legal”
“Automatic Stop”
“You Only Live Once”
“All The Time”
“Machu Pichu”
“You Talk Way Too Much”
“One Way Trigger”
“Heart In A Cage”
“Under Cover Of Darkness”
“Taken For A Fool”
“Last Nite”
“Take It Or Leave It”
“Vision Of Divison”
“Is This It”
“Hard To Explain”
“NYC Cops”