Empire Of The Sun Debut “Welcome To My Life” In Absolut Commercial

Alcohol and live music have a long and storied relationship, and lately more and more spirit brands such as Anheuser Busch and Smirnoff have partnered with festivals and ticketing companies, marrying their products to the live music experience while highlighting artists that mesh with their brand philosophy. Absolut Vodka also has a history of collaborations ranging from Andy Warhol to Lady Gaga, and now they’ve gone EDM with Absolut Nights, a new TV campaign that combines highlights from sponsored parties held in Brooklyn, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, and Berlin. As part of the TV spot, Absolut have premiered “Welcome To My Life,” the new single from Australian sci-fi dance duo Empire Of The Sun. It’s a bigger, more commercial sound than we’ve previously heard from them, but it could just be the barrage of quick-cutting, slow-motion clips of fireworks and packed nightclubs. Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore spoke to Billboard about the collaboration:

Our music is about more than just being memorable. We aim to make music that transcends and takes you to another dimension, creating an experience beyond the earth and out of the ordinary that sticks with you long after the night is over, much like Absolut Nights.

Well, alright then. “Welcome To My Life” is from the duo’s third album, following 2013’s Ice On The Dune. The verse also features vocals from Littlemore, who usually just handles production. Watch the video below.