Röyksopp – “I Had This Thing” Video

Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp had a momentous 2014, reaching chart peaks and earning a Grammy nomination for Do It Again, the mini-album they recorded alongside Robyn. They also released their fifth and final full-length studio album, The Inevitable End, to both critical and commercial success. Now they’ve put out a video for the album’s single “I Had This Thing,” which features a cooing, vulnerable vocal from Inevitable End collaborator Jamie Irrepressible. Director Roboshobo’s footage follows the confusion and heartache of a young couple, whose hang-ups get overshadowed by what can only be described as a cross between a UFO sighting and a volcanic eruption. Much like the song, the video inhabits the most painful intimacies of love, then explodes them into a wash of warm color. Watch it below.

The Inevitable End is out now via Dog Triumph Records. Röyksopp have also compiled a remix bundle for “I Had This Thing”, available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.