Thom Yorke’s On The Cover Of An Iranian Book About Sex And Relationship Problems

For some reason, an old Thom Yorke promo photo seems to have been repurposed for the cover of an Iranian book about sex and relationship problems. As Buzzfeed points out, the artwork for مشکلات جنسی و زناشویی در مردان (which translates to Marital And Sexual Problems In Men) features Yorke plus two other unidentified men. Iranians who recognize Yorke’s face have been sharing photos of the book cover on social media throughout the past week:

According to one of the people who shared the cover, the book has been out for at least three years:

The book’s on sale here in case you’re interested in owning your very own copy. Yorke just tweeted in characteristically cryptic fashion, but unless the message here is really deeply embedded, I don’t think he’s referencing this curious turn of events:

UPDATE: Another tweet reveals that the same image of Yorke appears on an advertisement in Russia. It reads, “We will help you to forget about your headache and insomnia,” which seems appropriate. Did Yorke’s mug somehow find its way into a set of stock photos, or has some extremely mischievous graphic designer been waiting for the rest of us to get the joke?

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