NYC Luxury Hotel Testing Accommodations On Lenny Kravitz Before Opening

Lenny Kravitz is the sole guest at the not-yet-open luxury Edition Hotel in New York City, and the 300-person staff at the hotel are going through their training process by waiting on the singer hand-and-foot. Page Six reports that Kravitz is staying in the penthouse — which will go for $8,000 a night, but for Kravitz is absolutely free because he’s friends with the owner — and has been ordering the staff around, including ordering room service even though the hotel’s restaurant isn’t open yet. A source told Page Six that Kravitz has “the run of the place,” and that he’s been seen roaming the halls alone, like a ghost haunting the place before it’s even consecrated. The hotel opens to the public tomorrow — hopefully Kravitz won’t be lurking around every corner, waiting.

In other Kravitz news, the rocker will appear in the second season of Fox’s hit Empire, along with Chris Rock and Alicia Keys.