Albert Hammond Jr. – “Born Slippy”

At a lot of festivals this summer, you’ll get a couple of chances to see Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. At some festivals, the Strokes are on the bill, and Hammond is in there as a solo artist, as well. He’s on those bills, it turns out, because his third solo album, Momentary Masters, is coming out this summer, and it has a song called “Side Boob” on it. Momentary Masters is Hammond’s first full-length since 2008, though he did release the AHJ EP two years ago. First single “Born Slippy” has nothing to do with the iconic Underworld track of the same name. And I get that there are only so many word combinations in the English language, but you’d think Underworld would pretty much own “Born Slippy” by now, no? Hammond’s song is a breezy pop tune with some truly lovely guitar sounds. It’s the opening track from Momentary Masters, and you can listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Born Slippy”
02 “Power Hungry”
03 “Caught By My Shadow”
04 “Coming To Getcha”
05 “Losing Touch”
06 “Don’t Think Twice”
07 “Razors Edge”
08 “Touche”
09 “Drunched In Crumbs”
10 “Side Boob”

Momentary Masters is out 7/31 on Vagrant.