Stream Nacho Picasso & 88 Ultra The Witchtape

Over the last few years, the Seattle rapper has teamed up with the production duo Blue Sky Black Death for a few albums’ worth of hazy, gothic, sinister rap music. My favorite of their team-ups is probably still 2011’s For The Glory, but they always sound good together; their styles just mesh beautifully. 88 Ultra is one half of Blue Sky Black Death, and now he and Nacho have teamed up for a new EP called The Witchtape. Nacho raps on five tracks, and the release includes instrumental versions of all five, which gives a better opportunity to hear the dark beauty at work. I’m pretty sure “City Streets” samples the Twin Peaks theme music, so if you ever wanted to hear what a great rap producer could do with that, there you go. The whole thing is well worth hearing, and you can hear it below.

You can buy The Witchtape at Bandcamp.