Ryn Weaver – “Octahate” Video (Version 2)

As much as I love the Brontë sisters, the mansions of their Victorian-era moors aren’t a place that anyone would ever dream of escaping to. They’re haunted and glum, and if you’re a woman, totally oppressive. Whether or not it takes place in England, Ryn Weaver’s new video for her massive 2014 summer single “OctaHate” features the singer wreaking havoc on the likeness of one of these massive, seemingly abandoned homes. She rushes into the central ballroom with a friend in tow, before they dance atop the table of an exquisite banquet. Weaver’s forthcoming album is titled The Fool, which makes the closing scene’s absurdity and resemblance to Alice In Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party all the more pertinent.

The album is set to be released in June, and back in March, Weaver tweeted that she changed the artwork’s original font from this…

… to this …

… which makes the fact that this is the second version we’ve seen of the “OctaHate” video much less surprising. Since her debut single blew up, Weaver hasn’t had loads of time to figure out her preferred aesthetic. We premiered that original video back in October, but it’s since been taken down and Weaver recently Tweeted that she didn’t like it. If you saw the first version, decide for yourself whether or not this new iteration measures up by watching below.

The Fool is out 6/16 via Mad Love/Interscope Records.

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