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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Right now, I’m enjoying anticipating Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” movie, set to debut as part of Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, more than I’ll probably enjoy watching the thing. This video is packed with so many famous people that you have to imagine most of them will only get a second or two of screen time, and given the song it represents, I can’t help but wonder if it represents battle lines being drawn in the great war to come. Will Katy Perry make her own answer video next? And will she recruit John Mayer and Diplo and Snoop Dogg and Missy Elliott to be in it? Which side will Max Martin choose? In the meantime, we got a bunch of great videos this week, and five of them are below.

5. Spoon – “Inside Out” (Dir. Leblanc + Cudmore)

“Britt Daniel casually slips through cinematic situations” is a really, really good idea for a music video. Spoon should make more videos like that. (Or, alternately, they should make whatever videos they want. Spoon are good at making videos.)

4. Black English – “Another Life” (Dir. Zak Stoltz)

The idea of a music video-as-Infinite Jest samizdat, something so sad that it reduces much of society to uncontrollable tears, is plenty enough to carry a music video on its own. This one takes that and pushes it to some truly ridiculous places.

3. Tanlines – “Pieces” (Dir. Alex Richanbach)

The rare underdog story that shows what actually happens to most underdogs. Great song, too.

2. Mark Ronson – “Feel Right” (Feat. Mystikal) (Dir. Bruno Mars & Cameron Duddy)

If we all agree that this kid should be famous, does the kid automatically become famous?

1. Vince Staples – “Señorita” (Dir. Ian Pons Jewell)

Has there every been a music video with a closing-shot reveal this intense and amazing? Days after I first watched it, this one still just stings.