Rare Hardcore Record Sells For $6K

The New York-based straightedge hardcore band Judge released Chung King Can Suck It in 1989, and today, it became the most expensive vinyl ever to be sold on Discogs. The record, which was originally called Bringin’ It Down, is especially coveted by collectors due to its unique recording history. According to FACT, the album was made in Chung King studios at the same time Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, and LL Cool J were all recording. Judge ended up in the crummiest studio with a flaky coke-head producer who didn’t bother to show up on the last day of the band’s session. In homage to their shitty experience, Judge re-named the record Chung King Can Suck It, and released only 110 copies. The album sold on Discogs for $6,048, and has gone for as high as $6,600 in the past on eBay. Read more over at FACT, and listen to the album in full below.

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