Jim O’Rourke Announces Unique Simple Songs Live Event In Tokyo

Tomorrow, the post-rock icon Jim O’Rourke will release Simple Songs, his first “pop album” in 14 years. (O’Rourke’s definition of “pop music” is pretty far removed from, say, Taylor Swift’s, but these are songs with words and choruses, and as far as his discography goes, that’s enough.) O’Rourke has been living in Tokyo for years, and he hasn’t performed outside Japan in a long time. At a pair of future Tokyo shows, O’Rourke will put on the sort of performance that might make fans want to check Priceline for plane tickets. In October, O’Rourke will play two shows at Toyko’s ornate Sogetsu Hall. He’ll do two “programs” on each night. The first night, 10/24, he’ll perform every track from Simple Songs, and he’ll also premiere a new work for a string quartet. And the next night, 10/25, he’ll do every song from his 1997 album Bad Timing, and he’ll also debut a new work for a jazz trio and a big band. You can find tickets for both nights here.

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