Porcelain Raft – “Half Awake”

Mauro Remiddi’s hazy synthpop is only half the story when it comes to his new Porcelain Raft EP Half Awake. Like all music born on the internet, it will be released digitally, but Remiddi is also releasing it as a cassette with custom linoleum prints he made himself as the artwork. The EP is coming out through his new label and creative home Volcanic Field. As far as the title track itself, “Half Awake” is heavy-lidded pop longing that confronts existential questions with a simple answer: live in the moment. “Let me come over,” Remiddi croons, just after reflecting on life’s eventual end. Seems like an easy answer when he puts it that way. Listen below.

Half Awake is out 6/2 on Volcanic Field. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.