Westkust – “Dishwasher”

Swedish indie rockers Westkust’s latest song, “Dishwasher,” rushes by on lightning-bolt quickness and a jagged dream-pop charge. If the band reminds you of fellow Swedes Makthaverskan that’s probably because the two acts share two members — Hugo Randulv and Gustav Andersson — and a label. At times, this song sounds like four or five tracks being played at once, but it never loses cohesion. Julia Bjernelind and Andersson conversationally share vocal duties here, adding yet another layer to the song. This will be on their debut album, Last Forever, as will lead single “Swirl,” which we premiered back in March. Listen to their latest release below.

Last Forever is out 6/30 via Run For Cover Records in the U.S. and is already out via Luxury in Scandinavia.