Preview Thom Yorke’s 18-Days-Long Soundtrack To Stanley Donwood’s New Art Exhibit

The English artist Stanley Donwood has designed every Radiohead album since The Bends, and he’s also done the art for Atoms For Peace and for Thom Yorke’s solo endeavors. Right now, Donwood’s work in display in the Sydney museum Carriageworks, in an exhibit called “The Panic Office.” As Pitchfork points out, Yorke created a score for the exhibit, and it plays while you walk around. And as you walk through, it’s a surround-sound experience; a press release says, “subs will boom from the floor, mids will echo through the walls, while the highs rain down from the ceiling.” On Twitter, Donwood recently shared a video of a camera walking through the exhibit, and you can hear Yorke’s ambient score playing the the background the whole time. Check it out here.

According to TripleJ “no minute is the same over the 18 days,” meaning the soundtrack is 18 days long.

Since there are no plans for release, you’ll have to head out to Sydney if you want to hear the rest of it. The exhibit is running through 6/6.