Mick and Keef Talk and Talk

As part of their weekly feature, “Flirting With Irrelevance On Fridays,” The Guardian ran this interview with Mick of Mick and Keef.

It’s as interesting as this sort of archeological dig can be, but even the author admits that it’s a bit dry:

There was the time when, according to [Rolling Stones drummer Charlie] Watts, Jagger called him in the middle of the night, said “Where’s my drummer then?” and told him he was ready to record. Watts got out of bed, dressed himself – immaculate as ever, suit, tie, ironed shirt – walked downstairs to meet Jagger, pulled back his arm, swung his fist, and laid him out. “Don’t you ever call me your drummer,” he said. “You are my singer.” I’m waiting for these great stories, but they don’t come. Jagger is a rock’n’roll diplomat, an anecdote-free zone.

The mouth half of this ancient duo is interviewed in Guitar World about playing a pirate opposite Johnny Depp in the new Disney pirate sequel.

“I will tell you that Johnny and I were in L.A. two weeks ago dressed up as pirates,” Richards says. “So there’s a hint. But at the same time, I don’t know about the ins and outs of scheduling and whether it will actually happen. Jesus, I never worked for Disney before. I never expected to. Mickey Mouse?”

Mr. Richards’ “quote” is, of course, merely an approximate translation of his incomprehensible speech.