Two Sheds – “You Get To Me” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Two Sheds released their lovely sophomore record Assembling yesterday, and today, they’re sharing a video for album highlight “You Get To Me.” The video, which is beautifully shot and framed by director James Niebuhr, provides a small glimpse into the lives of a number of different characters. You can feel the aching and longing coming from each one, as they look off into the distance, unsure what to do next. But slowly, they’re overcome by the restorative power of music, letting all their worries melt away for just a few minutes. Two Sheds is good music for that kind of emotional drifting — the band has also put together an interactive website for their album that operates in a similar vein, as you get to explore Hotel Two Sheds while different tracks from the record play in the background and provide an immersive experience. You can check out the website here and watch the “You Get To Me” video below.

Two Sheds’ Assembling is out now via Crossbill Records.