Bad Rabbits – “How High”

Bad Rabbits are sometimes called post-R&B, a title that makes me excited for the future. If this is what’s going to come after R&B, it can’t come quickly enough. “How High” is all funk and bombast — brass thrusting to the forefront alongside Dua Boakye’s gritty yowling, slick and slippery gospel verses that spill into the gleefully arrogant chorus. “When I tell you to jump you say how high?” Boakye commands over a churning mess of coursing electric guitars and blasts of organ. The song pulses with the high-octane rush slam dunk, and since it premiered on, Bad Rabbits drummer Sheel Davé compares it to one Shaq’s infamous moves:

If you remember the “no-see-dee” slam that won Dee Brown the 1991 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest in Charlotte, NC, this would have been the song that was going through his head when he was mid-air. It’s also the song that would’ve been going through Shaq’s head when he shattered his first glass backboard. Guaranteed.

Put this on while you’re plotting how to take down your own haters and enemies and you will surely prevail. If victory had a theme song, it’d be this. Listen.

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